I don’t think anyone understands how hard it is for myself to make friends on my own let alone join a group of already established friends when you’re just an awkward girlfriend along for the ride. Ever since I moved to North Carolina I haven’t had a single friend to call my own. They’ve all been Tyler’s, they’re all wonderful people that I enjoy being around but at the end of the day I still feel like a bystander. I genuinely want to belong. Somewhere. Anywhere. So many people take my silence as being bored and unamused but I’m so nervous and overly conscious. I just want people to fucking like me and I end up creating the opposite. I’m getting really tired and lonely. I fucking suck sometimes. I wish I could just be buoyant and outgoing.

Anonymous asked:

Ohgod I just really want to have coffee and cakes with you in a park or by the ocean while we talk about random stuff! You just look like the sweetest little creature and I wish I could be your friend..

Awe this was really sweet. I need more friends like this so please feel free to un mask yourself and be my friend so we can do all the things of friendship!